We have a lab of our own. In it we test all our waterproof shoes to make sure the quality is high. We use a standard called SATRA TM77 (we didn’t come up with the name). It means our shoes are tested to handle 15 000 dry steps. Which is a lot. We also make sure our shoes manage cold Scandinavian weather by testing how well they can keep your feet warm.


The SupraCoatDry fabric treatment makes the products more water repellent. SupraCoatDry has a significantly better effect and less environmental impact compared to traditional treatments.

  • Superior water repellant
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Easy care
  • New green technology


Consisting of three layers of selected functional materials and treatments, this construction will keep your feet dry and warm.

  • The outer layer is treated with SupraCoatDry, one of the markets best treatments for water repellency
  • The mid layer consists of a waterproof breathable ITC-Waterproof membrane
  • The inner layer is made from a smooth lining together with an insulating sole
  • ITC-Waterproof shoes will clear at least 15000 steps in water, according to test method SATRA TM77